Radzen Internationalization - can we translate Tooltips?

So I just started with the Internationalization process with my App, and after quickly looking at the generated files for each Culuture, I'm wondering, it doesn't seem that Tooltips have been added, is that the case?
IF so, how can we translate them?

EDIT: same goes for the "Show notification" Properties, is the "Summary" and "Detail" translatable?

This happens because Angular 7 didn't support runtime localization - localizing strings in a TypeScript file such as notifications (not sure if this has changed in recent Angular versions). You would need to use the Condition property of the Notify Action and the ${locale} implicit property to set different texts depending on the language.`

@korchev thank you for the answer, for Notifications it wouldn't be that big of a problem, to create one for each language, at least that is a solution, but what about Tooltips? I have several Grids that on their Column template maybe have a button. that has a tooltip, how could I translate that? I don't believe for some stuff I can make a component copy for each language right?

How do you set the tooltip?

@korchev like this:

the code is:

${(currentUser.readOnly) ? "You cannot edit this User" : "Edit User"}

And I have a few of these conditional tooltips around my project, some are directly on a button, like in this example, and others are in the button of a column Template inside a grid.

Is there a way to pass a command here? I recently worked on a pure Angular 8 project and there I did most of the translations, on HTML components (so for Tooltips for example), by using a Pipe, like this:

<button tooltip="{{ 'user_change_psw.new_psw' | translate }}">

and there it would take the key ("user_change_psw.new_psw" ) and translate it based on the JSON files I created.

And as I'm not familiar with the internationalization process used by Radzen, I don't know if I have a way to translate my Tooltips!

The internationalization support in Radzen is the official Angular one. You can probably have two separate buttons and toggle their Visible property. The Tooltip will be set to either "You cannot edit this" or "Edit user". Then you can edit the corresponding tooltip values in the xlf files.

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@korchev does that mean, if I had a simple Button, with as Tooltip property: "hello", I would find the string "hello" in the XLF files to translate?

Because shouldnt it display as well this tooltip I have here? In the XLF generated by Radzen I cannot find this value:

"${(currentUser.readOnly) ? "You cannot edit this User" : "Edit User"}"

The XLF is generated by Angular not by Radzen. As far as I know it supports only constant values.