Radzen installation for angular

Hi everyone,
in angular project i installed radzen npm package but does not recognize radzen codes
how can i solve this problem

Hi @Selim,

Most probably the required modules are not registered / imported in your app. You can download a trial version of Radzen and create one app to see what that code is. For example

import { ContentModule } from '@radzen/angular/dist/content';
import { HeadingModule } from '@radzen/angular/dist/heading';
import { ButtonModule } from '@radzen/angular/dist/button';

  declarations: [
     /* declarations */
  imports: [
     HeadingModule, ButtonModule, ContentModule /* @radzen/angular component modules */.
  providers: [
     /* providers */
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule {

Hi @korchev,
i imported modules but gives me another errors
Does the angular version matter ?
Do you have a sample application that you can share with us ?

also i installed radzen.exe , i created sample project
generated code as follows

Yes, it does. Check the package.json of the application that Radzen has generated.


It looks like there is a version mismatch
What version of angular should I have ?

The Radzen angular components are built against Angular 7. They don't support Angular 14.


Thank you for your help

Are you going to upgrade soon


Let me ask you a different question. Why do you want to use the Radzen Angular components outside of a Radzen application?


because i am used to visual studio

We can use radzen components with latest versiyon of Blazor app in visual studio,
also i wish we could use it with angular in visual studio

The Radzen Angular components are mostly wrappers of PrimeNG - you can check them instead.

Otherwise you can try installing the beta version which supports newer versions of Angular: @radzen/angular - npm