Radzen IDE vs Visual Studio


I'm looking at different Blazor UI frameworks and am pretty impressed by Radzen and am considering it (vs Telerik, DevExpress, etc).

I have an existing project and have added Radzen grid, drop-downs and other components and so far am quite impressed, finding it easy to hook up to my project.

Yet, I'm confused by the Radzen IDE. I understand it can scaffold an entire application (which sounds amazing), but when you've already got a solution in VS how do you utilise the IDE? Or do you even need to? Can you scaffold pages in it, and then copy them to your existing solution?

I'm just trying to see what benefit it'd bring me versus doing all my coding directly within VS.

Thanks, and thanks for developing these components.

Hi @Harry,

Using the next major version of Radzen you will be able to scaffold directly in your existing application.
Check this thread for more info:

Thanks for your reply Vladimir. I had seen that thread and that looks great.

I think the documentation/site could show better that there's two sides to Radzen, the components and the IDE which is an additional tool to scaffold applications. I have been confused a little thinking I had to run the tool when I just wanted to try the components. I guess it'll all become clearer once V3 is released. All the best.