Radzen IDE shutting down when clicking the stop link (sometimes)

I'm having an issue with the Radzen app shutting down/quitting occasionally when I hit the 'Stop' link after running it in Radzen.

My environments is, I have Visual Studio open with the project along with Radzen open with the project.
I usually make UI changes in Radzen then run it in VS to test custom code and components so I can get breakpoints.

On frequent occasions if I run the app in Radzen, then close the browser then click the stop link in Radzen, it will throw an error and shut down. I am running on an iMac with VMWare fusion running a Window 10 VM, this is where all the issues happen. Mosts time I run the app in Radzen then click stop just prior to the VS compiler starting, so that all code is generated then switch over to VS and it still happens.

If it can help, I can send the Radzen log?

Hi @Rod,

This is most probably the case as such quits aren't a common issue. Unfortunately we don't have the exact setup so it will be very hard to determine what the problem is.

Sure you can. I hope Radzen had a chance to log something be fore the crash.

I am Atanas :slight_smile:

The location of the log file can be found here.

Atanas I have an update on this issue as to why its happening I think.

I usually closed the browser then click the STOP button in Radzen which would results in it crashing about 50% of the time. I found if I do not close the browser first instead just goto Radzen and click the stop button, it is no longer crashing.