Radzen IDE error when binding to List <T>

When binding DataGrid to List , an editing error occurs:

Column auto-detection is fine.
Application runs at runtime without errors.

Hi @Ivan,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We will address it with the next Radzen release. As a workaround try using result.ToList() (without the ${}).

Just saw that the suggested workaround won't work. You can use ${result} then (without ToList()). We will address that issue in the next Radzen release.

Without ${} an error also appear.
Also, an error occurs when binding using the property of an extensible model class, for example:

public bool MyProperty {get;set;}

Binding: ${getData.Where(x=>x.MyProperty)}
Such a record works at runtime but leading to an error in the designer

The fix we are working on should address this as well.

The latest release should address those issues.

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