Radzen IDE error "process cannot access the file"

I´m getting this error repeatedly. Restarted the app but getting the same error.
The only way of solving it is by restarting the computer.
Any idea what can be causing this?
dotnet: C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk\5.0.202\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(4919,5): warning MSB3026: Could not copy "C:\XXXX\Msystem2021\server\obj\Debug\net5.0\apphost.exe" to "bin\Debug\net5.0\Msystem2021.exe". Beginning retry 1 in 1000ms. The process cannot access the file 'C:\XXXX\Msystem2021\server\bin\Debug\net5.0\Msystem2021.exe' because it is being used by another process. [C:\XXXX\Msystem2021\server\Msystem2021.csproj]

Most probably the exe was blocked by dotnet process or Visual Studio. Try to kill the process or close the studio:
taskkill /f /im dotnet.exe

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Hi @enchev,

I need your help. This is urgent. Because it really prevents me from working.

There are no other running dotnet.exe or Visual Studio instances. Only RBS is working and this problem occurred many times today.

It doesn't work to recompile the app. The only way is to exit and rerun RBS again. This is a very tiring and boring effort.

When the RBS is running the locked file can't delete but when I exit the RBS the file can delete immediately. This shows me RBS is handling the dotnet.exe in that time.

I'm not sure if is it RBS, .NET or OS related. Where should I look to research this?

This thread is for Radzen not for RBS. If it is related to Radzen Blazor Studio only in your case maybe new thread will be better

There are various ways to search what process is locked a file. Here is one filesystems - Find out which process is locking a file or folder in Windows - Super User

Sorry this is my fault. I thought keeping together similar issues are better.

If I found some clue related to RBS from the article mentioned by @korchev I'll open a new thread here or on GitHub.