Radzen IDE (Blazor-Server-side) Assign default values for Grid fields while inline editing

Hi Radzen,

Been trying to assign default values for grid fields/columns while inline editing the grid without success.
Would appreciate any help.

The default values are the values of the properties of the data item which is put in edit mode. For new records you can provide the values via the InsertRow method:

   void InsertRow()
        ordersGrid.InsertRow(new Order { PropName="Value" });

OK thanks, but let me rephrase that. is it possible to assign a value for a column in the model that is not shown in the grid while inline editing ? if yes, pls tell me how .

Before calling updateXXX method in the form submit event you can assign any property of the edited object using Execute action.

Thanks Vlad, would you care sharing a screenshot on how to do that in Radzen IDE.
Much appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:

I figured it out.
I opened the Grid columns and in Edit template of the edit button I added the following to the update button click event handler
Set Property
data.ColumName to whatever value I wanted and it worked like a charm.