Radzen + HTML + MarkupString

Hello again;
I identified a situation that could be a bug (or maybe I'm not doing the right thing)

I am trying to display HTML content that is in my database. To do this, I created a parameter and set its value and type as follows:

Value: $ {new MarkupString (info.Info)}
Property Type: MarkupString

The problem is that the generated code is not compiled because of how the property set is generated:

if (_html! = value)
_html = value;
InvokeAsync (() => {StateHasChanged ();});

The 'MarkupString' class is not compatible with the comparator '! =' ... If I comment on this line, everything works perfectly.

Hi @raphaelz,

Thanks for the report! It will be fixed in the next update (before the end of this week).

Best Regards,

Thank you! Your support is excellent :grinning: