Radzen HTml editor insert pic with browse does not work

How to handle the upload image using browse. Currently in the demo , the upload pic does not work with browse

Seems to work just fine.

The documentation about image uploads can be found here.

I am trying on this demo link

The issue is: use browse-> select an image-> click on-> image is shown in the editor. Click the insert image icon again ( error is thrown).

Same happens when you try using web address.

How big is the image you are trying to upload? This is one reason the upload could fail. For obvious reasons we do not allow large file uploads on our demo server. I have attached a short video showing that upload works as expected.

The image isnt big. its 10 kb. So its loads first time but when i click again on image ( in html editor), error is thrown.


I am trying to upload image of 3kb, as u can see in the screenshot..but clicking on Ok, nothing happens.