Radzen html editor font size issue

after implemented the radzen html editor, the font size doesn't work. No matter what font size that i selected, it will revert to default size while i typing in the editor. Any idea on this? Thanks.

Seems to work as expected to me.

@korchev , below is my code and recording.

 <div class="row m-0 mb-3">
                <RadzenHtmlEditor UploadUrl=@(Config + "/1.0/Upload/modules/Promotion/editor") class="w-100" Style="height:500px;"
                              UploadHeaders=@uploadHeaderDict @bind-Value=@details.Content>

radzen issue

I think this is how the built-in Browser font size command works. If you apply it to a selected text and then delete it it is restored to default.

@korchev , even i select the font size first, say to16px, then only type something in the editor. it also will revert the size to 13px.

I can't reproduce such behavior in our online demo. Here is what I get

Does the demo page work for you? Also what browser are you testing with?