Radzen Grid with a datatable as datasource which is Enumerable of datarow

I am new to this and I have a very simple requirement.

I am trying to create a template for my entire application with the grid.
I am fetching different tables from the database to load in the grid.
I have over 100 screens so I cannot create a class and property for every table I am fetching from the database to feed to the data and Titem attributes of Grid.

What is the TItem and property ??? CAn i give an ienumerable of DataRow to the grid?

    @foreach (DataRow dr in UserRows)
            <RadzenGridColumn TItem="DataRow" Property="dr.column[key]" Title="dr.Name" />

At the moment DataTable or IEnumerable is not supported.

Oh thats a pity.

SO we need to create the class and property and only then we can map the data to the grid and IEnumerable type does not work when referncing in the columns.Hmmm...

Thank you so much for the the reply and giving me clarity.

Any idea how exactly @key works in this thread?
I can see that is a dynamic table too.may be close to the solution i need