Radzen Grid Filter Styling

Grid Filter Cut Off Radzen v3.15.0

Hello, we are using Radzen Blazor Components (Server) and upgraded to 3.15.0 this morning and noticed that the Radzen Grid filters are styled a little differently. I've uploaded screen shots to show the differences between the latest version and the older version. Is this styling intentional?

Thank you

Yes, we have changed the default appearance of the simple filter. However it shouldn't look like this for sure. Here is how it is supposed to look https://blazor.radzen.com/datagrid-simple-filter?theme=dark

Ok, thank you for looking into this. Are you able to reproduce?

No, I can't. Which component are you using - RadzenGrid or RadzenDataGrid? Is this a custom theme?

We are using RadzenGrid

That's probably it. We didn't update it yet. You can either use an older version or migrate to RadzenDataGrid.

Thank you for looking into this