Radzen grid dynamic row span

Hi team,

I am having a hard time setting up the row span for grid cells.

I have a requirement where we have to extend the rowspan of first 24 columns out of say 74 if the contents of all 24 columns are same. The following columns should be shown in seperate rows. This is similar to conditional formatting on grid example that is shown in radzen blazor components website. However in that example the row span is set for a specific hard coded record where assumin the next row will also have the same value. What is it is sorted manually?

Can you help me with an example where we can dynamically set the row span on cellrender event for first few columns if there combination is repeated for a several following columns. It should work after manual sorting on the grid and with paging enabled and should not break.

I am using visual studio 2019

You can have for example the following condition:

if ((args.Data.OrderID == 10248 || args.Data.OrderID == 10250) && orderDetails.Where(o => o.ProductID == 41).Contains(args.Data))
    args.Attributes.Add("rowspan", 3);

The grid however need to be sorted by this property, in my example -> ProductID.

I also see a bug in the example shown on blazor components demo page. The first row is breaking in your sample grid.

Now for multiple columns scenario let's take below scenario.

So let's say if we take the first row. First row cellrender calls will update row spans for specific columns only as per columns in if condition. Now when the next row cells are rendered and on cell render is invoked will it not break it since the previous row was already having span greater than 1 and the current cell is covered by the first row. Or is it that second row cell will no longer be render as it's already merged with the first row cell?

And the example one the radzen blazor component
conditional formatting is only for a sample record. What if we want to apply this for multiple columns and also what if we sort these columns and then user manually sorts the grid?

So all these scenarios are actually breaking my code.

Also to your comment regarding the sample. Are you sure the product I'd column needs to be sorted or the order_id?