Radzen File Input


I am facing an issue using RadzenFileInput. It will give me the following error

It will give me error when we are using "Accept = "images/*"" and "capture".

It was giving me error when file size is large . I had tested a file of 1.8Mb which will give the error.
But for the small file like 2kb or 3kb working fine.

Can you please solve this problem.

More info can be found here:

Okay. And If I want to convert File into Stream from FileUpload , than how I will convert it?

Hi all,

Is it possible to get a stream from the FileUpload, like sukh1 asked?
I do not want to upload the whole file. I want to select an excel file from a file dialog, parse it to a certain class which I want to upload to a microservice.
Is this possible without first uploading the whole file?
Can you maybe point me to some documentation/tutorial, because the fileInput and FileUpload docs are not helping with my problem.

Thanks in advance!

No, this isn't currently possible.