Radzen DropDown not showing selections

I am using a DropDown in multiple=true mode and it is being created like this:
<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="false" AllowFiltering="false" Multiple="true" Placeholder="Source Context" Style="margin-bottom: 0px; width:175px; font-size:12px"
@bind-Value="multipleValues" Data="@GetSourceContext()" Change="@(args => GetContextFilters(args, "SourceContex"))" />

The "GetSourceContext" is a function that returns an IEnumerable source.
multipleValues = a single string "SourceContext"

The drop down does not allow multiple selections and does not show which item is selected. It does fire the event on every click. What am I doing wrong?

Also is it possible to change the font-size in the drop down. The style: font-size seems to only change the "Placeholder".


Anything on this, or am I missing something?

We can't tell what is causing this issue without somehow reproducing it - multi selection works normally on our demos: https://blazor.radzen.com/dropdown. If you have a Radzen subscription you can send your project to info@radzen.com.

Thank you for the response, but the application has to connect to our internal servers for the data.
Yes your demo works as expected and copied as close as I could. I'll try and reproduce with static data.

If this code is pasted into a Blazor page, you will see what I am talking about.


<RadzenDropDown AllowClear="false" AllowFiltering="false" Multiple="true" 
Placeholder="Source Context" @bind-Value="multipleValues" 
Change="@(args => GetContextFilters(args, "Source Contex"))" />
@code {										
	IEnumerable<string> multipleValues = new string[] { "SourceContext" };
	private IEnumerable<string> GetSourceContext()
        string[] aLog = { "A ...", "B ...", "C ..." };
        IEnumerable<string> scLog = aLog.ToList();
        return scLog;

So I guess i need to get a paid subscription and submit this code to get an answer on this?

From my experience with Radzen, you cannot have the Data property set to be a method. You need to declare a list in the @code section and then use a method oninitialize to set the values in the list, or hardcode them. once you do those two things, then you can set the Data variable to be the newly created list and not the method itself.

I dont know this to be a true limitation, however, as ive used it and also just in my coding, i find it easier to declare a List and set the data as explained above.


We reproduced the problem and will address it with one of the next releases. The workaround would be not use array of strings for the Data but some custom class and set the ValueProperty of the DropDown. As in our online demo.

Getting a Radzen Professional subscription indeed guarantees a response within 24 hours.

Than you I will await for the release and try the work around.

The latest version 2.10.13 should include a fix for this issue.

I upgraded to 2.10.13 and the issue seems to still be present. I can not select multiple values and no check marks are present when a single value is selected. Any thoughts?

@Odavis if your Data property is expression the selection will not work properly since Data setter will be raised every cycle which will clear the selection. This will work:

Thank you! I should have seen that, but you are correct, every click over wrote the selection.
Thank you for your time and explanation.