Radzen dropdown component takes a lot of time to load

I am using Radzen Dropdown in the secondary page, that is a page which loads after we click on a menu item from the Home page. The page takes 10 seconds to load, without dropdown page loads fine. the data for dropdown is static hardcoded(say 3 options). But if I use the radzen dropdown in home page it renders fine, the subsequent pages also works fine after that.
I dont understand what I am missing. I am using Blazor Server app(global) in .net 8 version.
In the network I see the time lag is the time to download the blazor.web.js for the subsequent page. Any help would be much appreciated. I apologise If the info is not enough.

Sounds like HTML/CSS layout loop. Try to remove some of the CSS rules to check if there are differences.

Thanks for the response. The issue is happening only the first time, from the second time it loads fine like a SPA. The workaround I have done is I have loaded RadzenDropdown in the Home page as hidden element. Now in the subsequent pages there are no delay when I load RadzenDropdown. It almost feels like the dropdown had to download a package the first time alone. Weird I know.