Radzen Developer

Hi, I'm looking at a potential of a lot of work over the coming months and with the current state of affairs, there's a lot of demand for web applications that I won't be able to fill by myself. I'm looking for a developer very comfortable with the Radzen system but also adept at using 3rd party controls, I saw a fabulous post about Syncfusion and am really interested in the combination of the two systems. Feel free to reach out to me if interested with your background.




Hey Kevin, I'm a part-time independent developer who's in the process of rewriting a half dozen LightSwitch apps I'd developed for a non-profit into Radzen Blazor apps. I wouldn't say I'm "very comfortable" yet, but am getting there fast. I'd like to expand and do this full-time. Keep me in mind, I'd love to discuss any projects you're thinking about.

Stephen Barash

Hi, are you still doing Radzen Blazor development?

I have a Lightswitch app that I'm currently converting over but I may need help.


Kevin @kgordon, I am currently using Radzen to create a commercial Blazor web application. Please PM me if you are interested in discussing any projects.
My Linkedin profile is https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajitgoel, if you need to check my experience.