Radzen Deployment with Elastic Beanstalk

Hello, I tried to deploy my Radzen Application with Elastic Beanstalk.
I deployed to ZIP in Radzen, to have all required files bundled for deployment.

Also I have a working Elastic Beanstalk Environment and Application.
I already deployed an application Version to Elastic Beanstalk with the before created deploy.zip:

But when I open the URL of my Environment, there is always instead of my Website this page:

I don´t know what to do, to fix this.
Kind regards

Hi @bibi,

We are not familiar with Elastic Beanstalk and I'm not sure if we can help much. Maybe you can search for more info on how to host regular .NET Core/Angular app on Elastic Beanstalk - it should be the same for Radzen Angular applications.