Radzen datagrid settings

Goodmorning Radzen,

I am using the settings of the Radzen datagrid, once the user loads the page, the grid settings are loaded from the database and through the bind-settings they are set.

The problem is that I want to have a button where the user can go back to the default settings.
The datagrid.Settings is only set after a change of the settings (or after I loaded the settings from the database) and is still null after the initial load. The Datagrid.Reset comes close but does not reset the columnpicker, and not sure if all other properties are set back to the initial state.

In the settings example there is a suggestion to reload the page, but I am looking for a clean solution.

Thanks in advance

We are not aware of any other solution.

Some suggestions:

  • Adding a default Settings property
  • Adjusting the reset method
  • Set the Settings property after loading the grid, so it wont be null


If I would make a Pull Request, what would be the preferred way to solve this?


Problem turns out to be slightly different. Setting the settings to null is the solution but the selectedcolumns count has an update issue, will do a PR for this.