Radzen DataGrid selected row not rendering

I am using a Radzen DataGrid and a Radzen Tree. When we select a row in datagrid, the tree showing that selected element's hierarchy(There is a parent child hierarchy among that grid elements).So the relevant node in tree is getting highlighted according to selected row.
Problem happens here. We can select another node in tree.I want to select the relevant row in the grid also when we select a different node in tree.How to do that.
I can get the selected node using Change property in tree.

<RadzenTree Data=@categoryNodeList Style="height: 100%; width: 100%;" Change="@OnChange">
    <RadzenTreeLevel TextProperty="Name" ChildrenProperty="Children" Selected=@(item => ((PartnerCategoryNode)item) == selectedCategoryNode)
                     Expanded=@(data=>true) HasChildren=@(e => (e as PartnerCategoryNode).Children.Any()) />

I used datagrid.SelectRow(); to select the row. Although the row is selected, grid doesn't render with that selected row by highlighting that row.
Give me a solution to render that row in grid in selected mode when select a different node in tree OR to disable the selecting nodes in tree.

Hi @Pasindu,

You can prepare a runnable sample of your scenario so we can assist you. You can edit some of the online demos and then paste the code in this thread.

Thanks for the quick reply. There are some methods to create the hierarchy and other things, so to create a runnable sample I have to provide all those things.Simply tell how to select a row in datagrid by programmatically OR disable the select funtionality in tree nodes.
I used datagrid.SelectRow() and it changed the selected row but grid doesn't render with that selected row by highlighting that row.Is there any other method I can use?

I suggest checking the selection demo.