Radzen Datagrid capital letters in column header

Hello together,

I wonder why all column headers in capital letters.

This makes no sense in my opinion and it takes too much space. How can I stop this behavior?
[Radzen.DataGrid.HeadersUpperCase = false; (?)]

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Hi @Bloepp,

Check this thread: DataGrid: large and small letters in the column header - #2 by korchev

Hi @korchev !

Thanks for the very quick reply!

Unfortunately, the link points to a solution that does not work for me:

.rz-datatable-thead th .rz-column-title {
text-transform: none;
doesn't work (and I don't know why!?)....

But this works:

.rz-column-title {
text-transform: none !important;

For me, that's solved. Maybe you have an idea why it only works with this variant? Thanks and stay healthy!

--> Great support here!

Hello @Bloepp, @korchev ,

Neither of those solutions work for me, in both cases a style for "rz-column-title" is read from "default-base.css". Since I am not an expert in css, can you provide little more details for me? Where and how this class should be overriden?

Thank you

You just need to add the following code to your app CSS file after the default-base.css file:

.rz-column-title {
   text-transform: none !important;

If you are using an older version of Radzen.Blazor (prior 3.x) you should use ".ui-column-title" instead.

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Thank you for your reply!

I made a mistake. I was changing my css file, but I was referencing min.css file :slight_smile:
Now both solutions work.

Thank you.