Radzen Custom Filtering With LoadData


I am implementing a small project where I am trying to use a custom filter on a RadzenGrid. I have the filtering mode set to advanced and have the FilterValue on my desired column set to a string value. The Grid itself is also using a LoadData method that passes in LoadDataArgs.

My custom filter template consists of two buttons (a "Clear" button and an "Apply Button" - very similar to the default) and a text box.

My code currently is applying the filter correctly upon hitting apply. The issue is that I have to manually delete what is in the textbox and hit Apply again for the filter to be removed. In the code for my clear button, I am setting the FilterValue variable to null and then attempting to reload the grid afterwards. The issue is that it appears that the FilterValue doesn't completely reset until AFTER the Grid reloads, so the LoadDataArgs object still contains the filter in question from the previous filter.

Not sure what is causing this behavior. On our LoadData demo the Job Title column is using custom filtering template with clear and it works normally: