Radzen converts text properties wrong if contains keywords

Hi friends,

I think this is an interesting bug. When I try to add some resource key to text properties, Radzen can't convert that correctly.
Here is a sample.
${Properties.Resources.market_data}. This is what I add the Text Property and the following is the converted text by Radzen

When I change the syntax to @(Properties.Resources.market_data), Radzen converts to this : @L["tabs0.propertiesResourcesMarketData.Text"]

${Properties.Resources.data_type} is converting to @($"{(Properties.Resources.valuraManagerModelsSqlExpressVwMarketValue_type)}")
etc. etc..

I found two escape methods.

  1. Setting page property without using "data" keyword
  2. Using "Data" instead of "data" in the resource file(s)

If somebody faces a similar issue for any keywords can use a similar method for the escape.