Radzen components on .NET Core 6 MVC pages

Can Radzen components (e.g. RadzenDataGrid) be used with .NET Core 6 MVC pages?

I have set up Blazor in my .NET Core 6 MVC solution and I am attempting to use Radzen components in them.

Hi @sshier,

The Radzen.Blazor components work in Blazor applications. You can find setup instructions here.

If you are asking if our components work in a MVC application (without Blazor) - they won't.

Thanks @korchev. No, I am trying to get it to work in an MVC app with Blazor using .NET Core 6. I have been using the setup instructions you mentioned -including steps 1-6.

My razor component runs in a brand new app I set up using Radzen Blazor Studio. I then ported that component to my Pages directory in my MVC app. The page runs but doesn't display the Blazor component. I will work on it and see if I can get it to display.