Radzen Component and additional classes

Hi Everyone,

Radzen is awesome!

But I have one problem with the styling of components..
Guess that I want to put some RadzenIcons in my component and I want to use bootstrap classes to style them.

For example:

<RadzenIcon Icon="folder" class="pl-5"></RadzenIcon>

If I will render icon in this way then icon is NOT visible because 'i' element which is creating is creating only with pl-5 class but not with (material-icons d-inline-flex justify-content-center align-items-center) ...

How I can add my custom class to the component? I don't want to use Style because this is not good solution.

Please try:


Add a class to the attributes.

But Im using only VisualStudio :<

Actual result:
<i class="pl-5">folder</i>

Expected result:
<i class="material-icons d-inline-flex justify-content-center align-items-center pl-5">folder</i>

For non-standard things, I wrote my component. Compatible with Radzen. For example:

You can try to write your own. Or addition existing class.

There is no way to add in the standard component :disappointed:

If there is an opportunity to buy support, then Radzen employees will help you to realize this.