Radzen color picker component bug

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Kind of hard to explain, but if you keep clicking a lot within the HSV picker while simultaneously dragging the point to change colour it eventually gets bound to the mouse pointer position and cannot be fixed again even after left clicking and/or collapsing the component. In fact even when collapsed it continued to call the onChange() event when moving the mouse pointer.

This is reproducible within the hosted demo: Blazor Colorpicker component

Tested in Chrome.


Unfortunately I couldn't reproduce such a problem after dragging and clicking in the HSV picker. Can you reproduce that consistently? If yes - any specific steps?

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You have to click quite a bit while moving the colour selector quite fast.

I'll see if I can upload a video example tomorrow.


I have uploaded a video example here: Blazor Colorpicker component HSV picker bug - YouTube

It is reproducible every time, I have tested on two windows devices now using Edge and Chrome.

All you have to do is keep rapidly left clicking while moving the mouse over HSV colour selection pallette.

I hope this video helps illustrate the issue.

Thanks. I've managed to reproduce it once in a 5 minute clicking and dragging session. Unfortunately I have no idea what could be causing this problem due to the sheer inability to debug it.

Unfortunately this bug occurs frequently for myself and my clients across multiple devices even without rapidly moving the cursor. Seems to be an issue with the click and drag release not being picked up.

Is there a way to reset the component once the pallet is closed? This would at least help mitigate the issue, as at present the only solution is a full page refresh once it goes whacky.

I also have a same problem. Today i did start to learn how to implement and use Radzen for Blazor. When i was playing with ColorPicker i could reproduce same behavior like it is described in this thread.
I notice one thing, when i enter wrong mode, when mouse is "stucked" in colorPicker i can see that left mouse click which cause problem was trying in that moment to drag and drop window with color, if i am in wrong mode when i press mouse on color i can then drag and drop that window, see screen.
Thank you for time and sorry for wrong explanation in english :slight_smile:

I could also reproduce it in demo, but its much easier on empty page.

I found i way how to reproduce it everytime.
In demo i swipe with hue picker to the left (out of colorpicker).
all text on page got selected. Then if i drag color point it would get stucked as mouse is pressed all the time.
If i click on some text in background (to cancel text selection) it fix a problem.

Anyway after adding css style to color picker user-select: none the problem disappeared. And i was not able to reproduce it again.
I add it like that to popup div:

    .rz-colorpicker-popup {
        user-select: none !important;
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I ended up using mud blazer, but I'll try this solution. Thanks for sharing