Radzen child grid data not changing when master grid filter is applied

Is there a way to either set a master data grid row as selected when advanced column filter is applied or reset the filter for the child data when the filter for master table is applied?

Radzen child grid data is not changing when master grid filter is applied until a row is selected and there doesn't seem to have an option to easily set a row as selected from code or from the designer when the filter is applied unless a row is selected by the user.
The following screen shots are from the Radzen demo for reference purpose

Hi @DBasil,

We will update our template in the next release to handle this automatically.

Great. Thank you so much.

Hello, I see in the new release [2.61.5- 2021-07-13] it includes

  • (Blazor) Master/Detail template master grid will select first row if selected is not in filtered result.

But when I tried it it's not working for me, is there anything I should do specifically?


With 2 rows in master- 1st row selected and associated child data

With filter applied to master grid showing only 1 row, no row is selected by default and child grid shows the previous data

Child grid data changed when master grid row was selected manually

Hey @DBasil,

You need to recreate your pages to apply the new code from the template. Here is how it looks: