Radzen Checkbox ReadOnly not working


I want to use a checkbox to display a bool? value. I want it to display only, and not to change its value when user clicks.

Here is my code:
<RadzenCheckBox ReadOnly="true" Value="single?.IsActive" TValue="bool?" />

As per Checkbox demos this should work. However, vscode intellisense does not suggest the ReadOnly parameter exists. In addition, the documentation page does not show the ReadOnly parameter.

As a workaround, I am doing the following:
<RadzenCheckBox ReadOnly="true" Value="single?.IsActive" TValue="bool?" Change="@((args) => args = args ?? false)" />

Please guide why the ReadOnly parameter is not working. Thanks.

You will need to update your Radzen.Blazor to latest. If you set Version=“*” you will reference always latest version.

Thank you. Updating fixed the issue.