Radzen check box not function in looping

for (int i = 0; i <= 1; i++)
status = @arr[i];
<RadzenCheckBox Name=@("chk"+i) TValue="bool" @bind-Value=status />
<RadzenLabel text=@("test"+i)>
code {
bool status = false;
bool[] arr = new bool[] { true, false };

i use looping to render the check box and set the value to each of them. But after render the checkbox, there is no response when checked/unchecked the check box. Is my coding having issue or it doesn't support in this approach? Any way to fix it without using the checkbox list component?


You are binding all checkboxes to the same field - status.

any solution for that kind of scenario?

Hey @ckcheah,

You need to fix your code