Radzen Charts - Refreshing Column charts

I've been trying to find the reason why I am unable to render changes to my chart on button click.

The initial load of the chart is fine.

<RadzenButton ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Primary" Text="Recalc" Variant="Variant.Flat" Click="@RecalcButtonClick" />
                    <RadzenChart @ref="report_chart">
                        <RadzenColumnSeries Data="@report_scenario1" CategoryProperty="Key" ValueProperty="Value" Title="Scenario 1">
                            <!-- SKIP: throws error <RadzenSeriesDataLabels Visible="true" /> -->
                        <RadzenColumnSeries Data="@report_scenario2" CategoryProperty="Key" ValueProperty="Value" Title="Scenario 2">
                            <!-- SKIP: throws error <RadzenSeriesDataLabels Visible="true" /> -->
                        <RadzenColumnOptions Radius="5" />
                            <RadzenAxisTitle Text="Lead Count" />
                        <RadzenCategoryAxis Visible="true" Step="1" />

And button code:

       void RecalcButtonClick(MouseEventArgs args)
            // Force clear both series

            // (code to add items removed)


There is no Reload() for the column series.

Each column series' data is a Dictionary:

Dictionary<string, int> report_scenario1 = new Dictionary<string, int>();

I have confirmed my code is clearing and then adding updated items/data to both dictionaries.

Hi @DB1234,

Your code looks correct and should have worked. Can you provide a more complete demo which we can test with?

Thanks @korchev , I converted over to code resembling the sample to get updates working.