Radzen Chart how to set Radzen Value Axis to max

I am displaying the maximum number of orders (257) like this sample screenshot with a red line. Is there a way to put the line to the max in the chart?

<div class="col-lg-6 px-2 py-2 my-0 text-center" hidden="@IsHidden">
    <div class="d-grid gap-2 d-sm-flex justify-content-sm-center">
        <div class="col-lg-12">
            <div class="card">
                <div class="card-header" style="background-color: #d6d5d5">
                    <strong>Vorlance Monthly @value Orders</strong>
                <div class="card-body">
                    <RadzenChart @ref="MonthlyChart">
                        <RadzenColumnSeries Data="@chartDataMonthlyOrders" CategoryProperty="Month" Title="@year.ToString()" LineType="LineType.Dotted" ValueProperty="Count">
                            <RadzenSeriesDataLabels Visible="@showDataLabels"/>
                        <RadzenColumnOptions Radius="5" Width="20"/>
                        <RadzenCategoryAxis Padding="1" />
                        <RadzenValueAxis Min="@minMonthlyOrders" Max="@maxMonthlyOrders">
                            <RadzenGridLines Visible="true"/>
                            <RadzenAxisTitle Text="Order Numbers"/>

Hi @Robot,

You can use RadzenSeriesValueLine:

<RadzenLineSeries  Data="@revenue2019" CategoryProperty="Date" ValueProperty="Revenue">
   <RadzenSeriesValueLine Stroke="red" Value="300000" />

I expressed it wrong @korchev, I want a line to be drawn on the highest point on the chart. In this particular example, it is value 257. (Like the one value of 186.)

RadzenSeriesValueLine will draw a line for whatever Value you specify. It should be within your valid range though.

Can I display the Value?

No. You can however enable data labels so the value is visible above every bar. Or create an annotation.