Radzen button

I'm using Radzen button in my application and i would like to know if there is a way to avoid an user clik several times on this button.
In fact, il a user click quickly several times on the button, this fires several times the behind code.
So I get several recordings when I only want one.

You could immediately disable the button in the click event and then enable it when you're happy for the user to click again.

You could have a bool variable called something like ignoreClick, which you test and set to true at the start of the click event. Some other event, when you're happy to accept clicks again, could set this variable to false.

The buttons actually have a property called IsBusy which you can set to true, which will disable the button and display a loading animation (and custom busy text if you wish) to the user so they know something is happening.

Look at the last example on Blazor Button component

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Ok, thanks for your replies.