Radzen Blazor Studio with Docker and SQL Server

I have the trial of Radzen Blazor Studio, and the ability to scaffold the database for CRUD pages is really cool. I have a simple database for testing, just one table. I used Radzen Blazor Studio to add security to the application with ASP.NET Core Identity. When i run the application with Blazor Radzen Studio or Visual Studio, it works fine. However, i want to run the application in Docker. I added a dockerfile in Visual Studio, and it builds and runs fine, but I can't log in. It doesn't give an error or anything, after i put in the username and password and click login, the screen flashes but just goes right back to the login screen. Any idea what could be wrong? Thank you.

Hi @millercb,

Most probably the issue is that you are not using HTTPS. Check this page: ASP.NET Core Identity | Radzen Blazor Studio

Also you can try the suggestions from here: Problems with login even after enabling ssl - #5 by korchev
Problems with blazor server behind nginx - #2 by korchev