Radzen Blazor Studio - Multiple projects in one solution

I have a blazor server side solution with several projects in it and with Visual studio i just select which is the starting project and it works fine, but with RBS when I run the app it starts one of the other projects.

How does RBS chose which project to start and how can I change the target so it starts correctly?




Is there a solution to this? It means I can't use RBS, I have to use VS and running both concurrently uses a very significant % of CPU and RAM



Hi @johnmu,

If you have an active subscription you can send us your application to info@radzen.com and we will check if something can be done about it.


I am using an older version of RS to do all the other pro stuff (scaffolding and CRUD) and was hoping to upgrade but my subscription has lapsed and unfortunately unless i can be sure of a solution i can't justify the expense.


At the moment there isn't the equivalence of setting a startup project in RBS. It uses the first "runnable" project in the solution that it can find - first looking for blazor server projects and then for web assembly.

Ok, shame RBS does look very good but i'll have to wait and hope

FYI dedicated (and guaranteed) support is only available to active subscribers. This is another thing to consider when justifying your expenses.