Radzen Blazor Studio in offline environment


I have seen this forum post recently: Test radzen on offline server
I know that it is possible to use Radzen in an offline environment as long as you initially start it with internet to activate the license. Then you download all needed nuget packages manually. Then you can switch to offline and keep it that way. However, this obviously contains a lot of work and makes updating Radzen very time consuming.
So my question here is: Is it possible to use Radzen Blazor Studio in an offline environment? This could be an alternative for us.
I also would like to know, if there were any changes made to the offline support of Radzen since the forum post linked above was published? (E.g. a list of all needed nuget packages)

Thank you for your time

Hi @Henri,

The same restrictions apply to Radzen Blazor Studio. The dotnet framework itself requires internet access to fetch nuget packages.

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