Radzen Blazor Studio community limitations

I would love to use Radzen Blazor Studio for a personal project, but I'm confused on the limitations of the community (free) edition. I have seen that publishing the code is a premium feature. At the top of the forum there is a video of using Radzen Blazor Studio side by side with Visual Studio. This is what I would like to do. I want to use Radzen Blazor Studio mostly for the visual design of the page, I have no problem doing the coding on the back end in Visual Studio. Can I open the code created with Radzen Blazor Studio community edition in Visual Studio, and publish from there? I am not very good at GUI design, so I want to use Radzen Blazor Studio to help with that part.

The free version of Radzen offers a great starting point for building applications, with community support and automatic updates.

However, the licensed version, available through an annual subscription, provides a wealth of additional benefits. These include dedicated customer support with a quick response time, the ability to deploy to various platforms like IIS and Azure, and access to premium themes and features.

The support from licensed users is crucial as it enables the continued development and maintenance of the free version, ensuring that the Radzen community thrives.

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Thank you for your response. I assure you, if I could afford it I would definitely buy a license, but it is just too much money for something that I would be using for a personal project, not in my work. However, my question still remains if I can use the free version to develop code which I can then import into Visual Studio and publish from there.

Yes, you can publish an app with Visual Studio or by other means.

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