Radzen Blazor Studio and .NET 8

Hi all,

As you may know the official release of .NET 8 is around the corner! It is expected to ship tomorrow (November 14th 2024). We plan to release a new update of Radzen Blazor Studio with official support for .NET 8 shortly after - we just need to update the references and conduct internal tests.

Here is what's new:

  • New .NET 8 specific application type - Blazor Web Application. It allows to pick interactivity mode - server, web assembly or auto (both).

  • Radzen Blazor Studio would require .NET 8 SDK to be installed on your machine. This is important: Radzen Blazor Studio won't start if you get the new version via auto update and don't have .NET 8 installed. The solution is simple - just download and install the .NET 8 SDK for your OS. It is backwards compatible with .NET 7 so your existing applications will continue to work as expected. If you are not ready to install .NET 8 yet just skip the autoupdate by clicking the Not now button.

Atanas Korchev,
on behalf of the Radzen Team


I installed the .NET 8 SDK to try it out in Visual Studio and now Radzen Blazor Studio won't work.


Update of Radzen Blazor Studio with support for .NET 8 will be released later today.


I found errors in both my non RBS app and my main RBS app this morning after attending the conference online and upgrading VS2022 to 17.7.7. I also installed new Net 8.

They had run fine before the 2 upgrades.

I found in my case; current code runs fine in the VS 2022 Preview.17.9

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I just rolled back my Visual Studio to 17.7.6 which wasn't too bad but had to make some adjustments.

Running RBS 1.17.2

All is well.

Recommend NOT upgrading Visual Studio and or installing .NET 8 SDK until the new RBS for .NET 8 is ready.

We are currently running latest .NET 8 SDK with current (pre .NET 8) Radzen Blazor Studio without any issues. We have been doing this for months. Maybe Visual Studio is the culprit and removes the .NET 7 SDK.

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Like you mention, could be Visual Studio latest update, which came out yesterday, causes some issues, 17.8.0

It installs .NET 8 SDK itself, not sure if it matters if you already have it installed stand alone or not.

Regardless, I'm going to hold off on VS 17.8.0 for a bit.

Do you have an ETA on RBS with .NET 8 support?

It was delayed a bit due to this issue:

It will be available tomorrow.

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As I said we are have been using current official RBS with .NET 8 for a couple of months now. It will work as long as you also have .NET 7 SDK installed.

If you are asking for the ability to create .NET 8 Blazor Web applications - you will have to wait for the next release then. Until then I suggest checking how the new Blazor rendering modes work as it catches a lot of developers by surprise: ASP.NET Core Blazor render modes | Microsoft Learn


Everything working for me.

Visual Studio 17.8.0
RBS 1.18.1
All NuGet packages updated to 8 etc.

Azure DevOps/Agent Pools/Azure Pipelines with the latest-windows fails to build. As it is not supporting .NET 8 yet.

Is there a way to rollback to no dependencies on .NET 8 in Radzen?

You can just download an earlier version. However the .NET 8 requirement does not mean that your apps must use .NET 8 too. You can still develop .NET 7 apps with the latest version.

I have it working in Azure

just changed .NET version. my pipeline didn't work at first, but after a bit of time it started working

Greate!, thank you Korchev.
Does it support for PWA ?

Learned of a correction if RBS code doesn't run in VS 2022 17.8.
I found that in the Installer, the checkmarks for .net6 , net7 webassembly buildtools were left off, which checked and updated. 17.8 works fine again on RBS ciode,


I mostly understand the concepts behind the different rendering modes.

I'm in the middle of development of a Blazor server app.

It uses API calls that I copied into the app from a sample/baseline WASM app.

I'll need to build a mobile app that interacts with my database and uses native phone functions (so can't use PWA)

I don't have a great answer for why I chose Server App vs. WASM in the first place. It's an internal business application so that is probably why I chose Server (plus that is most of my experience).

Would you recommend starting over with an Interactive Auto rendering mode (would just use it globally vs. component by component)?

I have to think about how long it would take to redo my customization on my current app, I don't think it would be too bad...

I don't even know if I would notice the difference to be honest.

I think it is a matter of wanting to build the app to the latest and greatest available at the time. I'm already targeting .NET 8 so would just be utilizing the latest Blazor rendering model.

I think it will help me with mobile app dev down the line?

I think another option would be to modify my existing app to use Interactive Auto? Don't think I want to tackle that. I'd rather start with a fresh app.

Would appreciate any comments/recommendations, thank you!