Radzen blazor grid pagination

Hi there, I am using Radzen Datagrid to show some records. Pagination is enabled using LoadData method as I have the paging happens at the server side. Everything works fine.

The issue happens in a scenario like this : there is a button column(lets call it Details button) in the grid and the click of this button takes you to a detail page where more information about the current row can be viewed . In the detail page there is a back button which takes you back to the main grid. Let's say I am in the 3rd page of the main grid and now the number 3 in the pagination bar is shown as active . Now, I click the details button to view the details of any particular record. From the Details page, I click the back button which takes me back to the main grid . Here the main grid correctly shows the data of the 3rd page. But the pagination bar has the page 1 as active instead of 3. Anybody comes across an issue something like this ?