Radzen Blazor Gauge Styling Hour pointer anomaly

In your demo of clock, the hour pointer is always set on 12.
Minutes and seconds work well.
In previous versions the hour worked correctly.
How can it be corrected? Thank you

Hi @maxsax,

The clock demo seems fine. Here is how it looks at my end:

Thanks for your reply.
The anomaly is when hours between 13 and 23 and the format of hour is 24H.
I must probably always set the twelve hours (not 24).
For example -> now = new DateTime(2021,6,30,13,15,0) is always set to 12

Indeed the demo has a problem. The hour should be calculated like this:

hours = now.Hour % 12 + now.Minute / 60.0;

Hi, Where do I find the Clock demo please ?


Perfect Thanks! Just what I needed!