Radzen Blazor DatePicker

Hello community!

I was wondering if anyone had a way to "grey out" / disable dates outside of the allowed range on the Radzen Datepicker control?

Alittle context, i am trying to restrict my users to only be able to select a date up to 3 days ago and nothing older. I know i can do it with the Change function and then throw an alert or message saying "nope" and then change the date back, but i just wondered if there was a way to just make the dates which arent allowed disabled in the control themselves.

Thanks for any help!

Hi @alien8tr96,

At the moment the RadzenDatePicker does not support this requirement. There is no way to disable certain dates.

Hi @korchev

Do you know if this will be an upcoming feature of the RadzenDatePicker? I know I personally have multiple implementations in which this would be beneficial.


We've added DateRender event to handle such cases. Demo and Radzen.Blazor updated:

Radzen will be released early next week.

Hi @enchev,

Thank you so much! That is great! Look forward to the update and really appreciate your support!