Radzen Blazor Control Popup Placement Issues

There appears to be an issue with how the location of a control's popup is determined once the page is longer than your screen's visible area. Sorry for the links but I am a new user and cannot upload files.

I have 2 different examples of this. The first example I have included a simple demo of the issue.

As long as the control on the page is located within the visible area of the page when scrolled to the top. The popup appears directly below it. But once you start scrolling down the page, all control popups appear above the control. Now, in this state. The control is still usable but does not provide the best user experience.

The 2nd example, which would require a lot more work to provide a working example of is worse.
When you have a complex layout. Radzen does not appear to be able to figure out exactly how far down the page the control is. It seems to lose the scroll position and tries inserting the control's popup at a Y coordinate that would be based off if the view of the page was at the top. If you are more than a full page below the top of the page the user never sees the popup but the view is scrolled up to where the popup would be (this is because once you start scrolling the popup is closed which would be normal expected behavior)

The first image is example 1
The second image is example 2

I can provide the HTML from this page if requested but I do not want publicly post it.

Now, in the 2nd situation we were able to solve the issue for our environment by modifying Radzen.Blazor.js at around line 662 within the openPopup function. Of course this would cause issues on a basic site such as my first example because it would overcompensate for the scrollbar and end up placing the popup far below the control. But because of our site design it works.

   if (smartPosition) {
      if (position) {
        top = top + 20;
      //MODIFIED TO INCLUDE SCROLLY POSITION SO THAT Control popups are placed into the correct location
      popup.style.top = (window.scrollY + top) + 'px';
      //popup.style.top = top + 'px';   //ORIGINAL LINE

Hi @Travis_Walker,

The popup should invert its direction when there is not enough room for it to show. This is by design. However we discovered a few cases when the direction was inverted even though there was enough room for the popup to show normally. We believe this case has been fixed.

The popup also takes the window scroll position by default. You can test the new fix and it would hopefully address this issue as well.