Radzen Blazor Components don't respect "custom" environments

I have a server side blazor project I work on at home and the office. My configuration is slightly different between machines, so I setup an ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT value on my home box of "Home" and made myself an "appsettings.Home.json" for my custom settings. The problem is that Radzen css/js then fails to load with 404s.

I'm still getting acquainted with how .NET Core handles environments, so maybe I'm missing something obvious, but the rest of the application seems to work OK (and pulls my settings from the correct json file), just seems like Radzen is defaulting to Production mode if it's not explicitly "Development". Is there some way to override that?

EDIT: I'm running latest 2.1.23 fwiw

Hi @Brendan_Sullivan,

You have probably hit this issue with static web assets (not specific to Radzen). The discussion continues here. The official instructions say that assets work by default in Development only. During publish they are extracted and copied in the wwwroot directory. Long story short if you don't have "ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT": "Development" you should invoke UseStaticWebAssets

Oh, yeah that looks like it. It's currently pretty bare bones so the Radzen components were the only thing that was getting broken by that and it led me down the wrong rabbit trail :wink: Thanks for the links