Radzen Blazor Button click not firing

I am new using Radzen. I have created a project, added Radzen latest via NuGet package. Problem is that Radzen button's click event is not firing. It is not hitting breakpoint.

Event is defined in a component-based class(TestBase: ComponentBase).
public void SubscribeClick(MouseEventArgs args, string buttonName)


.razor code

@inherits TestBase

<RadzenButton Text="Subscribe" Click="@((args) => SubscribeClick(args, "Subscribe"))" ButtonStyle="ButtonStyle.Secondary" Style="margin-bottom: 10px;" />

Hi @SP_001,

Your code seems identical to our online demo (which works). Not sure what the problem could be.

Thanks for the response. I don't know either what's wrong. I see sample works. I am using VS 2019. Do I need to do any wiring in startup class relate to Radzen?


No additional code is needed for the Button click event to work.