Radzen Balzor with Blazor wasm

Hi, I am trying to use Radzen for the first time with BLazor wasm and .net 5. I am using Radzen 3.2.8. I have installed the nuget package and then in my idex.html also, added in head section and in body after the . However I am not sure what I am missing. But unable to get it working. I am getting Could not find 'Radzen.adjustDataGridHeader' ('Radzen' was undefined). error. Any help will be appriciated. THank you in advance.

Hey @NIshant,

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Hi Radzen team, Never mind. I got that working. However I have the performance issue. I have around 4000 records in the dropdown when I select all, then the page goes non responsive. Please suggest how can i imporve the perfomance. All I want to do is select all the itenms from the dropdown quickly and get the selected codes

Or Is there a way that I can select multiple bout hide Select all option ( I need search though)?

Or I am trying to have the multiselect option based on condition like Multiple="@ShowMultiSelectOption". However I am getting Event 669 is already tracked error. So not sure how can I do this. PLease suggest

I'm afraid that I'm not familiar with this error.

hmm, Can I have like this Multiple="@ShowMultiSelectOption" or have multiple option but dont show select all?

The Radzen DropDown component do not perform well against large amounts of data. I can only load up to 1000 items, more than this will freeze the page. If you have more than 1000, you're better off with a grid. This problem can only be fixed with virtualization, which has been requested already.

oh that is good to know. With virtualization( I dont want paging ) , how can I use the grid, Do you have any examples which I can refer to. Thank you. and If I want to apply addition styles, how can I achive that?

There is no virtualization in any of the Radzen components. I recommend the DropDown from Telerik that comes with this feature.

We are about to release new DataGrid component with virtualization support. We will do our best to provide the same for the DropDown component soon.


That will be really awesome. Thankyou.

I am using the Radzen dropdown in child component. When the parent lookup changes the LoadData will not get the new table values. Not sure what I am missing.
The loadData will execute before the lookuploads and does not refresh after the data

You can check this demo:

How can I specify the different classes to the Radzen dropdown control?

Cool, I learnt many things with this and it is working as it needed. However I am eagerly waiting for the virtualization on the dropdown. Do we know when it might get released.