Radzen Autocompletion Multiline

is multiline on radzenautocomplete still up to date?
(Example 6 - Blazor AutoComplete textbox component)
Cause when I set the property Multiline="true" it is doing nothing.

Thanks for help!

Not sure what this means. Yes, there is such property in the latest update of Radzen.Blazor AutoComplete:

and the property is available in Radzen as well:

Oh I found my failure - I didn't update to the latest version.
Thank you!

I got this error again in the browser but can not reproduce it in your examples.
Do you got any idea how to fix it?

I'm afraid that I don't know. If you have Radzen subscription you can send us your application at info@radzen.com.

I could reproduce it in your examples.
I don't know why but this error only happens in my case in my google chrome browser (On your side too)
Other browsers are working fine and not throwing.
Maybe it is the same in your browser.