Radzen API/Database Service Layer

I'm going to need to able to interact with my database outside of my Radzen Blazor Server app (Console app, mobile app, etc.)

Is there or are there an plans to have APIs be built automatically in Radzen Blazor Server applications?

Found the post below from 2020, is this still the latest information? I've built a WASM app and still learning how it works, can you please point me in the right direction as far where the service code is?

korchevRadzen Team

Sep '20

Hi @Renoir_Rapido,

Radzen creates an OData service for every data source when the application is Blazor WebAssembly or Angular. Radzen does not create such a service. You can probably use a separate WebAssembly application to generate the service code and copy it to your Blazor server one. You will also need to copy the OData registration code that Radzen generates in the Startup.cs file.

No, we don't have such plans for the near future. You can check the roadmap here

It is in the Server/Controllers directory.

Radzen Blazor Studio is an amazing product.

Adding automatic API generation would take it to the next level. I believe there is a lot of scaffolding functionality in Visual Studio 2022.

So if I want to connect a mobile app to my database I am on my own to build a data service layer and/or API?

But you think the WASM is a good place to start?


Yes as there will be an automatically generated OData api for the database.

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I did get this working.

I built out a WSAM solution and then used that as a guide to copy over APIs to my main Server project.

Thank you.