Radzen and .NET Core 3.1

Today Microsoft released .NET Core 3.1 which is a LTS (long-term support). The current .NET Core 3.0.1 version will be supported by Microsoft until 2020-03-03.

We decided that the best move for Radzen would be to require .NET Core 3.1. This will ship with Radzen 2.40.0 which will release later today.

What does that mean for existing Radzen Blazor applications

Radzen users will see a similar message when they open a Radzen Blazor application and they don't have .NET Core 3.1 installed.

The solution is to download and install .NET Core 3.1 and then restart Radzen.

What about Radzen.Blazor - the Radzen Blazor Components

We released a new major version 2.0.x which is based on .NET Core 3.1. Before using it make sure you have upgraded your non-Radzen Blazor applications to 3.1. Check the official blog post here.


Does the latest version of Radzen still support NET Core 3.1? Did the support drop at some version? Any foreseeable plans to drop the support for NET Core 3.1

You can normally open, run and deploy Radzen projects for .NET 3.1, you cannot create new for old versions - just .NET 5 and 6. Please take a note however that Microsoft will stop supporting .NET 3.1 on December 3, 2022.

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Hi @enchev
As our team are not ready to migrate our code to .NET 6, would you mind sending me a link for downloading the last Radzen version that supports creating 3.1 project? Thank you.

You can use 2.63.9- 2021-11-04.

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Thank you so much @enchev