Radzen 3 Timeframe

the informations at A new era for Blazor development (radzen.com) got me hooked.

Now I would like to know when the new version will be available - and is there the opportunity to participate in a beta program.

By the way: I was/ I'm more than enthusiastic about the open-source radzen-blazor components. Best move ever.


Hey @fischer,

We don’t have exact release date for our v3 however CTP will be released in a month or two.

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that looks great so far as i understand !

Will it work in VS 2019 IDE or only in VS Code?
will radzen 2 be further improved or must we update to radzen 3?


Radzen 3 does not use VS Code or VS 2019. The video just shows how Radzen 3 reacts on external changes.

We are still not 100% sure at this moment. Ideally we want Radzen 2 users to update to Radzen 3 and we will work in this direction. Our plans may change though.

I would say the CTP requires at least two more months of development time.

i'm really looking forward to further developments!
It sounds great and i hope it fits my imaginations.