Radzen 1.7.0 RC with IIS deploy

Hey folks,

We are happy to announce our Radzen latest build with initial support for IIS deploy!

The feature will work for both pure client-side only applications with no server side code (OData, Swagger and Rest data-sources) and for applications with server side code (Microsoft SQL Server and MySql data-sources)

Deploy application with OData data-source

Deploy application with Microsoft SQL Server data-source

  • In this case you have ability to edit your database connection string before deploying

To start deploy process you need to enter your server name/address, server login credentials and IIS site name where “Default Web Site” is the root in your IIS

When you click “Deploy” button Radzen will prepare for publish server-side app (if applicable), will build Angular app in production and will use Web Deploy to publish the app to the specified IIS server.

You need to have Web Deploy installed and running on both your machine and your server as service. Please make sure also that your user have enough rights to use Web Deploy.
Applications with no server-side (OData, Swagger and Rest data-source) will require Microsoft URL Rewrite Module for IIS. This is needed because of HTML 5 routing - for more info please check this discussion in SO.
When deploying to localhost you may need to run Radzen as administrator.

Let us know if you have any questions and/or problems!

Warm Regards,
The Radzen Team

1.7.0 is now live! Next on the pipeline is Azure deployment.

Have you planned the possibility to change from develop to runtime value of Data Source like OData endpoint, OAuth Authorization URL in wizard?

Hey fileman,

Yep, we plan to add this!

Best Regards,


With the next version of Radzen you will be able modify data-source endpoints just before deploy.

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HI ,

Because my deployed site to IIS does not default show the first page ( in this case the login page ) when you first navigate to the URL : e.g: https://myappname.domainname.com/radzen_deployed_app,
this results first to a blank screen with the default language folder now in the url . e.g:

Refreshing the page will finally result in showing the login screen.

What do we have to do to get this fixed on production server ?

Best Regards,

@mcanavar we don't understand what the problem is. Please prepare a minimal app that reproduces it and send it to info@radzen.com. Also specify what the desired behavior is.