Radze**.log files

Hi ,

I notice that on the deployment server files are generated with radzen_xxx.log , I have seen as much as plus 600 files with this type.

Can we disable this behavior ?

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These files are generated by .NET Core not by Radzen - check your application web.config for reference.

Ok , thank you.
Found the entry in the Web.config file "stdoutLogEnabled="true" " .
But this web.config is generated by Radzen deploy and overwritten on each deploy I think ?

Wil just setting the stdoutLogEnabled to false do the trick ?

If you add the file to application ignore list you can modify it in way you want

Ok , this will do for now.

But it would by nice if you consider to add this to the wishlist : to be able to manipulate some settings of the web.config file in the deployment screen.